“Hey! You’re smart! What do I do?”

I have heard this line quite a bit in my life time with certain variations.

“You missed weeks of classes because you were sick? You’ll be fine. You’re really smart! You don’t need to see my notes.”

I hate sentences like these the most. It almost makes me feel like I’m not a normal person like everyone else. Intelligent people are not supposed to need any kind of help. This is a social norm and no one is doing anything to prove it otherwise. At times, I keep it this way at the expense of my own happiness. I begin to believe words like this and think that having help is one of the greatest sins I could ever possibly have.

“Problems in your personal life? You must already have a solution. You help everyone else and give them solutions. You don’t need my shoulder to cry on.”

But I do and I have forgotten that fact. Hear me out. I need you just as much as you need me. Something that I wish my friends and family would realize is that I have a voice that wants to be heard too. I don’t want to just listen to your problems and solve them for you, I want you to listen as well. But there is hope.

“I need your help. I know I always seem like I have everything under control but sometimes, I really don’t. I can be just as clueless as you can. Please help me.”

That’s something I say. Rarely, but I do say it. I realize that a bit of humility can go a long way. But I’m careful who I say it to. I ask people who will listen to me. And I mean actually LISTEN to me as I do them. You just need to find that person. I realize that I can’t think that I am alone in this world. I’m not.


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