It’s been said before, “you are smart.”

This blog targets intelligent, but not limited to, people who see intelligence as a hindrance.

All too often are there victims to the plague called ‘intelligence.’ And all too often are there individuals who suffer from it. For as long as I can remember in my academic career, I have been told that I was smart. I was rewarded for my intelligence, as is anyone who appreciates intelligence. Often times, I believed them. As I reach the young age of twenty-two, I realize that I have had more troubles within myself than I let others believe. I begin to wonder, if there are others out there who feel the same. There must be. I’m an academic therefore, I am not na├»ve to think otherwise. There is a problem with the word smart. It does things to my mind as it always has in childhood. I noticed how much of a curse it can be to be intelligent and have decided to broadcast it. I may not be as intelligent as most, I accept that. However, I am not average. I know things that annoy others, even when I try not to. I am alone. I am lonely in my solitude of academia.

I am surrounded by a family who are not so academically inclined as I am. They would rather choose the uncivilized way than the rational way. I cannot talk to them the way I would my academic friends, which is few. Nor do I want to, at this point. Therefore, I have learned everything on my own (with the exception of educators, of course). When I was stuck on a homework problem, I would figure it out on my own before talking to a teacher. Family is of no help to me. In my family, I am ridiculed for my intelligence, but I am also encouraged. It’s controversial and I don’t believe they see it. I don’t hate intelligence. I bear it. I log it. So that it may one day make a ‘better’ me. This is my diary. A diary of a scholar.


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