We are lost. Why was I thrown away? Why? We had such amazing memories and laughs together. I thought we would be together forever. So, what happened? My best friend. We dreamed of traveling together to be surprised and amazed at things. We were to giggle together when foreign rains fell on us. Now you don’t even go outside anymore. You only go when you have “things” to do. When I want to play, you say, “Later. I’m busy right now. I have to finish this.” But you never play. You go to sleep because you are tired afterwords. You sometimes think about me, this I know. I see how you sometimes hesitate to stop whatever it is you are doing just to play with me. I like playing! Remember hide-and-go-seek? Do you still like that game? Ah, there’s a boy here! Why? He has cooties! Oh, I get it. It’s a game. We are planning to kick him out, right? Huh? You are hugging him. Holding his hand. Haha sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-?? WHAT? You… you like it. Gross! Icky! But what about me? Where are my hugs? We used to play so much but now you ignore me. I get it. There is no longer a need for me anymore, right? I don’t need to be there with you to scare the monsters away from the closet or the bed. Oh? There are others here like me. What? Oh. This place is for ‘us.’ You don’t need us anymore. We can’t stay forever, I see. A part of us will stay but we mostly have to go. We won’t forget you so don’t forget us, please?

No Adults Allowed,



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